About Us

The "Not Today" movement associated with Kuhiopalms Press has a rich history and background rooted in the company's moto: "Not Today" does not imply a refusal to take action but rather a commitment to not let negativity impact one's day. This phrase, combined with the image of a relaxed sloth, symbolizes taking life at one's own pace and choosing to stay positive despite challenges.

  • Origin and Inspiration

    • The movement originated as a response to the fast-paced and often stressful modern lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the sloth's unhurried nature, it encourages individuals to embrace a more relaxed and positive approach to life.

  • Philosophy

    • The philosophy behind the "Not Today" movement is centered on resilience, mindfulness, and a refusal to be overwhelmed by negativity. It aligns with the idea that choosing not to let challenges affect your mood can lead to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

  • Symbolism

    • The image of a sloth, known for its slow and deliberate movements, serves as a symbolic representation of the movement's core values. It emphasizes the importance of taking things one step at a time and finding joy in the present moment.

  • Impact

    • Individuals adopting the "Not Today" mindset share their experiences of improved mental well-being and a more optimistic outlook on life. The movement has become a beacon of positivity in a world often filled with stress and negativity.

Meet "Vibe," the embodiment of positive vibes and laid-back charm! Vibe is not your ordinary sloth; this lovable mascot brings a unique energy to our brand. Inspired by the spirit of taking life at your own pace, Vibe radiates a sense of tranquility and positivity.

With a gentle smile and a relaxed demeanor, Vibe captures the essence of our commitment to the "Not Today" philosophy—choosing not to let negativity impact your day. Whether gracing our merchandise or spreading joy everyday, Vibe is more than just a mascot; he is a symbol of embracing a carefree and optimistic lifestyle.

Join us in embracing Vibe's infectious positivity and let the sloth spirit uplift your day!